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Climate Curious
Gabriel Kra

Wanna make big bucks? Invest in climate positive companies, says Silicon Valley climate tech investor, Gabriel Kra, on the latest episode of Climate Curious by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Katharine Hayhoe

How to fix climate change? Start by having a good old chit chat about it, says atmospheric scientist, author, TED speaker and one of TIME's 100 most influential people, Katharine Hayhoe.

Susan Ruffo.jpg

Climate Curious
Susan Ruffo

"We've just been talking about the ocean as a victim, but I believe that it's part of the solution," says ocean adviser for the UN, Susan Ruffo, on the latest episode of Climate Curious by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Shweta Narayan

"It's impossible to have healthy people on a sick planet," says climate and health campaigner Shweta Narayan, on the latest episode of Climate Curious by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Ermias Kebreab

Gassy cows no more - Ermias Kebreab, animal scientist and TED speaker shares how feeding cows seaweed reduces their methane filled burps on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Isaias Hernandez

Youthwashing is the latest corporate eco marketing strategy. but young climate activists aren't falling for it, says environmental educator isaias Hernandez, aka Queer brown Vegan on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Vishaan Chakrabarti

Cities - if they are designed to be sustainable, equitable and joyous - are the best hope for humanity, says architect, author and TED speaker, Vishaan Chakrabarti, on the latest episode of TEDxLondon's Climate Curious.


Climate Curious
Tzeporah Berman

In what world would stockpiling something so deadly it threatens the future of human survival on planet Earth, make sense? Yep, that's right, THIS planet! We're currently on track to produce 120% more oil, coal and gas (aka fossile fuels) in the next decade than the world can ever burn.


Climate Curious
Rosamund AKD

"Our lungs are not experiments. Every single minute, every day, damage is being done. And that's what happened to Ella," says clean air advocate Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debreah and the mother of the late Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah in the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast.

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Climate Curious
Kumi Naidoo

In the first of a special Climate Curious two-part feature, we hear form the extraordinary South African human rights and environmental activist, Kumi Naidoo, on how we can tap into culture, communications and identity to influence politics and reveal the truth about the climate crisis.


Climate Curious
Christina Hicks

Superfood sardines, omega three and the ultimate brain food... fish is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, but overfishing is putting them at risk of destruction, and the local people who rely on them, says environmental social scientist Christina Hicks in the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast.


Climate Curious
Melinda Janki

Guyana is a carbon sink and a climate leader, but has been airbrushed out of the global climate movement, as many developing countries are, says internation environmental lawyer Melinda Janki in the most compelling episode to date of the Climate Curious podcast.


Climate Curious
Angela Francis

"Moving to a green economy delivers on the things that people are already worried about," says TED Speaker, environmentalist and economist, Angela Francis, on the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Dee Woods

Veganism isn't the only answer to climate change, dignity and equity are, says knowledge broker, community chef and food policy-maker, Dee Woods.


Climate Curious
Will Hawkes

Scary creepy crawlies, indestructible cockroaches and fluffy bumble bees... we've written narratives that have got bugs all wrong, says modern day explorer Wall Hawkes in the latest episode of the Climate Curious podcas


Climate Curious
Pattie Gonia

If you've ever thought about being a lady in the streets, but a freak on the peaks - this one's for you! Thigh high boots, full glam and bouncy uurls for days - Mother Nature's had a makeover, and we're not mad about it.

best of s1.jpg

Climate Curious
Best of Season 1

Join Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst in this bonus episode as they celebrate the highs and lows of season 1 of the Climate Curious podcast by TEDxLondon.


Climate Curious
Lola Young

Far from the being frivolous, fashion is cultural currency, a tool of self-expression, and a much-loved confidence boost, but sadly it's a problematic friend. Whether you're donning Primark or Prada, thanks to hazy supply chains and labour practices, there's no guarantee as to who made our clothes, and how sustainable they really are.


Climate Curious
James Thornton

Forget imaginary superheroes, there is a team of legal avengers that are fighting every day on behalf of us and the planet. These legal heroes are shutting down coal power pants in Poland, re-designing what law looks like in China, making air pollution a thing of the past in the UK and uniting with local communities in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia and the Republic of Congo to stop deforestation.


Climate Curious
Clover Hogan

Young people are terrified, depressed and anxious about the climate crisis. And the pressure society puts on them to drive innovation and lead change isn't helping. In fact, it's wearing them down - with 70% of 18-24-year-olds saying they feel eco-anxiety.


Climate Curious
David Lammy

The climate conversation is changing; a more inclusive, diverse and equitable story around climate is emerging, with race at the centre. This week's extra special guest Member of Parliament for Tottenham and SHadow Secretary of State for Justice David Lammy explains that the fight for racial justice is critical to saving the planet.


Climate Curious
Kris De Meyer

What comes to mind when you think of the climate change conversation? Puffed-up academics? Militant hippies? Infuriating climate sceptics? Only ten years to save the world? Yep - it's pretty overwhelming, pretty polarised, and we're here to help you find a way through this 'wicked problem' of climate change.


Climate Curious
Monica Araya

You don't have to be an expert or a car owner to get involved in the exhaust pipe debate - from the way your parcels are delivered to how you get around, we're all using a transport system which is hurting our planet. The solution? Electrifying transportation, especially fleets.


Climate Curious
Bruce Nilles

It's not just what you are cooking that could be killing you, but how you are cooking. Millions of people each day turn on their gas stoves without a single thought to the silent, but deadly pollution the stove is emitting and that they are breathing in - with serious consequences for our health.

charmian love2.jpg

Climate Curious
Charmian Love

Charmian Love wants you to shake up your mindset. More specifically, to stop worrying about whether you're on the right or wrong side of the climate conversation and instead focus on taking action.


GLocal Podcast

3 episode series for internal use of Google employees.


Canvas8 Audiodrops

6 episode series for internal use of Canvas8.


Crazy Smart Asia
Yong Bae Seok

Gen.T's podcast Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. We'll be back in the new year with Season Three, but in the interim we have a special one-off conversation we wanted to share with you.


Crazy Smart Asia
Nadine Lustre

Gen.T's podcast Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. One in four people will struggle with depression and other mental health issues at some point in their lives. For entrepreneurs, that number doubles to one in two.


Crazy Smart Asia
Danny Yeung

Gen.T's podcast Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. In 2020, serial entrepreneur Danny Yeung was hitting his stride with his startup Prenetics, seeing success with its consumer-facing genetic testing brand, Circle DNA.


Crazy Smart Asia
Peggy Choi

Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. When was the last time you needed quick access to expertise to help you move forward? If you're running a business, maybe the question should be when was the last time today?


Crazy Smart Asia
David Yeung

Gen.T's podcast Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. Twenty years ago, David Yeung became a vegetarian. He was mocked; his family asked him why. He had no idea it would change his life forever.


Crazy Smart Asia
Binod Chaudhary

Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. This week, Gen.T's Tamara Lamunière is in the interviewer's chair for the episode, talking with entrepreneur, philanthropist and Nepal's only biollionaire, Binod Chaundhary.


Crazy Smart Asia
Jaeson Ma

Gen.T's podcast Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors - ad not many successful entrepreneurs have a more unconventional story than this week's guest. Jaeson Ma is a musician, entrepreneur and investor best known as the co-founder of 88 Rising, a music label, talent management and media company that focuses on bridgin East and est through culture, technolofy and entertainment.


Crazy Smart Asia
Ankiti Bose

Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. This week's gues is Anikiti Bose co-founder of e-commerce startup Zilingo. A B2B fashion platform, Zilingo provides tech-enabled supply chain solutions to small merchants across Asia, handling an annual sales volume exceeding US$1bn.


Crazy Smart Asia
Jimmy Wales

Crazy Smart Asia explores the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, the first guest of our second season,  might not be from the region, but his global influence is undeniable.


Crazy Smart Asia

Joseph Phua

In the eighth episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, M17 Entertainment Group's Joseph Phua talks about the dawn of the livestream era and leading as a human, not a boss.

stephanie sy.jpg

Crazy Smart Asia

Stephanie Sy

In the seventh episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, data scientist and Thinking Machines founder Stephanie Sy talks AI, VCs and "being awkward in the body".


Crazy Smart Asia

Natalie Chan

In the sixth episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, Own Academy founder Natalie Chan shares her 30-year plan for an Asia-based education revolution.


Crazy Smart Asia

Lucy Lui

In the fifth episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, Airwallex co-founder Lucy Liu talks sticking to your vision and why people still don’t believe she’s a tech founder.


Crazy Smart Asia

Noor Mastura

In the fourth episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, social activist Noor Mastura talks about feminism within Islam, learning when to walk away, and why community is the key to humanity.


Crazy Smart Asia

Melati Wijsen

In the third episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, teenage activist Melati Wijsen talks about the power of the youth mindset, how to be heard by the world's most influential people, and why "business as usual" is the real problem.


Crazy Smart Asia

Sukki Singapora

In the first episode of Gen.T's Crazy Smart Asia podcast, burlesque artist Sukki Singapora talks defying expectations, Asian representation in Hollywood and how burlesque can change the world.


Creative Blood
Mike Garson

Back in April, David Bowie's pianist and collaborator, Mike Garson gave us too much material for one episode (yes, a first world problem!), so we decided a bonus episode dedicated to his Bowie anecdotes was the only way to go...


Creative Blood
Chris Sarandon

If you're a movie lover, creative thinker, aspiring actor or even perhaps considering how you make it out the other side of this festive break, this guy has you covered.


Creative Blood
Vincent Van De Wijngaard

In a time when we're scrolling content platforms all day every day for inspiration (yikes!)... grab a brew and get ready to breathe a sigh of relief as we talk to Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker Vincent van de Wijngaard.

stefan copy.jpg

Creative Blood
Stefan Siegel

In the latest episode of the Creative Blood podcast, host Laura Conway jumps on a Zoom with the founder of Not Just A Label, Stefan Siegel, who's parked up in a field in MARFA, Texas. When most people found comfort in their homes during the pandemic, Stefan found comfortt packing up his world in LA, hitting the road in a 27ft Airstream, driving across the United States and sleeping under the stars.


Creative Blood
Claude Silver

Fearlessly supporting over 800 employees inside global digital agency, VaynerMedia, is where you'll find our guest Claude Silver. There's nothing in the world of advertising that this Chief Heart Officer hasn't seen or experienced in her 20+ year career, and the candid anecdotes she shares are familiar


Creative Blood
Orian Willi

Turn your speakers up to eleven as Oscar nominated film producer Orian Williams shares his Hollywood world with infectious enthusiasm. Speaking to host Laura Conway ahead of his directorial debut on the biopic of iconic musician Jeff Buckley, Orian's jaw-dropping stories will ignite your senses.


Creative Blood
Alex Prager

Emmy award-winning artist and filmmaker Alex Prager invites you into her creative universe and shares why he f iercely focussed boxer mindset is so necessary.

mike 1.jpg

Creative Blood
Mike Garson

In this first episode of the Creative Blood podcast host Laura Conway sits down with legendary pianist Mike Garson from his home studio in Lose Angeles. Best known as David Bowie's pianist, Mike insists that the starting point for every artist must be with doing your homework, and boy, has this guy done his!

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