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Josh Flowers Lunch in Soho before Frank Skinner (2020)

Jan-Feb see's Lecester Square as my new office.

Ell Kendall in the old Spencer Ave Studio (2019)

Recording some of the final piano takes for our audacious project of his music.

Joel Wilson of 'Bestfriend.'
Soho Music Studio #5 (2018)

Dropping some fire clarinet in the studio, new 'Bestfriend.' material in the works.

Eliza / Fredwave Concert
Servant Jazz Quarters (2018)

Playing guitar live for Fredwave, supporting Eliza Lovechild in Dalston. Dan Garcia on SPD SX (x2), Han Branch on keys and vocals.

Mionia Recording Session - Tewin, United Kingdom. (January 2018)

Classical ensemble comprised of Violin, Viola, Double Bass, French Horn, Piano, and Vocals. Arranged by Elliot Kendall, Written by Maija Licite.

Nihiloxica Recording Session - Bunga, Uganda. (August 2017)

Working alongside Spooky J (Blip Discs), Pete Jones, and the Nihiloxica guys on their debut self-titled release. 3 weeks later and one laptop down, I left P&J to live in Uganda for the foreseeable future.

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