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Ben Beheshty


Ben Beheshty is a London based music producer, song writer, and artist, specialising in all aspects of record making from producing and writing, to recording, mixing, and mastering.


Having worked with a wide variety of artists from, Blanco White, Nilufer Yanya, Josh Flowers, Voka Gentle, Fredwave, Malena Zavala, to Ugandan percussion collective Nihiloxica.

Alongside this, Ben was also heavily involved with live and studio projects for Yucatan Records between 2015-2018.

Over a decade of tour experience performing live sound and tour managing for many artists, all listed under Live Engineering.

Ben also works with TEDxLondon as the composer and sound engineer for the Climate Curious podcast, as well as working with Tatler Asia's 'Gen.T' podcast Crazy Smart Asia.





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